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  • About Data Engines

    We are small, smart and specialised

    Data Engines was founded in 2008 by three data management and security specialists who wanted to address the growing need for highly specialised consulting and technology integration skills across high assurance customers in Australia and New Zealand.


    We provide services and technology solutions that enable governments and business to apply security intelligence across their information technology environment. By extracting actionable intelligence from each layer of people, applications, infrastructure and data, insights can be gained which enhance the effectiveness of existing controls. Our solutions offer unparalleled visibility of the security and resilience of all information systems.


    Our goal is to enable customers to take a better approach to data management, information security and risk governance by providing a perspective that blends practicality and incrementality with tactical business analysis, ultimately pulling technology inline with strategy.


    Data Engines was founded upon the principles of high quality consulting, solution engineering, and support. We aim to achieve initial client satisfaction obviously, but our focus on ensuring ongoing technology cost management and leverage differentiates us. Our team of consultants have a unique blend of specialisations and excellent general systems engineering experience that ensures a client's interaction with them is always rewarding.

    Backed by leading technology vendors our team assists customers in building information systems and networks that are secure, resilient and 'performant'. Our unmatched local market knowledge and experience can also help customers stretch their budget allocations as far and as creatively as possible.

  • What We Do

    Everything we do, we do it for you

    Technology Partnerships

    Data Engines has selectively partnered with key vendors to help our customers acquire and integrate well engineered control technologies for business assurance and resilience. We also help customers ensure ongoing cost efficiencies by managing control lifecycles economically.

    • Cisco
    • Elastic
    • Entrust
    • Hitachi
    • Micro Focus
    • Microsoft
    • NetApp
    • Proofpoint
    • Rapid7
    • Skybox
    • VMware Carbon Black

    Service Solutions

    By creatively combining the skills of our team Data Engines brings to customers a suite of solutions that address core operating technology risks. These services maybe consumed as point-in-time projects or as co-sourced managed services.

    • Security Incident and Event Management
    • Endpoint Management, Detection and Response
    • Network Detection and Response
    • Certificate Management
    • Security Controls Policy Management
    • Vulnerability and Configuration Management
    • Privileged Account Management
    • Patching the Human
    • Secure Cloud Use
    • Application Security

    We want to help customers profit from cyber risk. We want to help them navigate the security challenges that inter-connectedness brings and leverage the benefits. We want to take a better approach to data management, information security and risk governance. We do this by providing a perspective that blends practical incrementalism with technical business analysis and domain expertise.​ That’s a mouthful! What it means is:

    • We understand that something must be done to unite technology risk management with business missions
    • We have people that understand the nexus of technology and business processes
    • We don’t live in a perfect world, tech marketing bubble…we know that practical outcomes matter
    • We have technical expertise and field experience and a rich array of cross industry experience