HPE Enterprise Security

HP is a leading provider of security and compliance solutions for modern enterprises that want to mitigate risk in their hybrid environments and defend against advanced threats. Based on market leading products from ArcSight, Fortify, and TippingPoint, the HP Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) Platform uniquely delivers the advanced correlation, application protection, and network defense technology to protect today’s applications and IT infrastructures from sophisticated cyber threats.

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HPE ArcSight

HP’s ArcSight family of security management software that combines a SIEM solution with log management and user activity monitoring on a single appliance to give you visibility into your IT organization so you can distil the critical information you need to protect your business. It collects log activity from any data source, consolidates the information for maximum storage efficiency and correlates the events in multiple dimensions—by identity, vulnerability, asset, time, statistical calculations, patterns, and other events—so you can detect advanced threats before they cause damage.

ArcSight Express
ArcSight ESM
ArcSight Logger

  • Compliance monitoring that delivers cost savings
  • A single vantage point for in-depth observation for IT security operations
  • Fraud detection and forensic analysis capabilities for cyber security requirements
  • Event correlation and anomaly detection