Splunk is the data engine for IT. It collects, indexes and harnesses the fast-moving IT data generated by all of your IT systems and infrastructure – whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. Use Splunk and your IT data to deliver new levels of visibility and intelligence for IT and the business.

Splunk can read data from just about any source imaginable, such as network traffic, web servers, custom applications, application servers, hypervisors, GPS systems, stock market feeds, social media, and pre-existing structured databases. Splunk does something no other product can – it delivers a real-time understanding of what’s happening and deep analysis of what’s happened across your IT systems and infrastructure.

Splunk is used to solve problems in many areas of IT, such as

• Application Management: troubleshoot across application environments; monitor for performance degradation
• Security and Compliance: provide rapid incident response, correlation and in-depth monitoring across all data sources
• Infrastructure and Operations Management: proactively monitor to ensure uptime; rapidly pinpoint and resolve problems
• Business Analytics: gain visibility and intelligence on customers, services and transactions; identify trends and patterns in real time