Converge IT Ops & Sec Ops with Tanium

Imagine asking any question of any networked device and getting the answer in real time…even with tens of thousands of geographically distributed computers. Cool Huh? Imagine then being able to do something with those devices; targeted, at scale, on demand, and securely.ASK – KNOW – ACT

That’s the power of the Tanium Platform.
Founded in 2007, Tanium is currently one of the most promising privately held tech firms in the world. Not only is their technology transformational but so is the company. They have been cashflow positive for 4 years, bucking the trend of traditional start up, sell off style firms.

Tanium changes the way tech teams manage and secure assets
IT Asset Visibility
The first and most obvious way thsat Tanium assists most organisations is in providing comprehensive IT asset visbility. The unique, extremely efficient communications mesh that Tanium creates across the data center. Organisations undertaking even a basic Tanium proof of concept exercise invariably immediately discover previously unmanaged assets via the initial Tanium deployment.

Companies are consuming software, hardware, and cloud-based services faster than ever to innovate and grow their business. At the same time, most companies are challenged to effectively keep track of their various assets, resulting in excess software and server spend, and heightened audit risk.

  • Software audits and true-ups are on the rise, and vendors are more aggressive.
  • Under-utilized server and software assets lead to poor efficiency and wasted spend.
  • Unmanaged asset sprawl leads to higher total cost of ownership.
  • Existing tools to gather asset data are unreliable, and use poor architectures that do not scale. As a result, organizations are put at risk due to an artificially high confidence in their endpoint data.

IT Operations Management
Tanium delivers unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy for IT Operations. With Tanium, IT Operations staff can gather critical endpoint data to quickly scope and fix outages, reliably push changes to all their endpoints at scale with confidence, and operate efficiently by consolidating their patchwork of IT tools.

  • Patching – Successfully deploy patches across every endpoint with unprecedented speed and reliability, regardless of the size of the environment. Define custom workflows and schedule patches based on advanced rules or exceptions, including whitelists, blacklists, dynamic computer groups, and patch lists.
  • Incident Analysis & Remediation – Directly access comprehensive endpoint data from all systems in an environment within seconds to greatly accelerate the time required to triage complex incidents. Use live and recorded endpoint data (such as file system, process, network connections, and registry) for detailed look-backs and root cause analysis. Once the issue has been fully scoped, execute remediation swiftly and precisely.
  • Endpoint Configuration & Software Distribution Management – Distribute, update, or uninstall software packages confidently to any or every desired endpoint, and confirm successful completion seconds later. Tanium’s endpoint communications architecture delivers software across the network at unprecedented speeds by drastically reducing reliance on expensive WAN traffic.

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A solution platform, not just a point solution
The extensibility of the Tanium solution is its real power and the reason it can continue to deliver both TCO (total of ownership) benefits and ROI (returns on investment).
Most IT operations team have extensive investments already in various management and security toolsets. Tanium is the only product in the market that aims to unite these toolsets with good old fashion, hand coded or scripted, custom system administration tweaks in a powerful communications mesh.
Existing anti-virus, anit-malware, mobile device management tools, host intrusion tools or logging solutions can all be integrated and indeed augmented by the Tanium platform.
Eventually however you may find that Tanium itself with its core and modular extensions performs a vast array of system management and security hygiene or incident response faster, more comprehensively and more accurately than you thought possible!