Data Engines mainframe security event logging solutions provide forensic log retention and alerting on z/OS security events in real time. The Type80 agent for z/OS can even act as a host based IDS for IBM mainframes. Primarily Data Engines customers are utilising the SMA_RT agent from Type-80 for on-boarding IBM z/OS system messaging into a broader organisational SIEM project.

By integrating with ACF2, TSS or RACF and gathering real time Operating System and System Management Facility (SMF) data, the man hours of log data searching can be eliminated. Real time passing of Mainframe security log messages to external analysis programs allows for detection of intrusions and potentially malicious activity as it occurs.
The Type80 security logging product installs easily and requires no IPL. A tiny performance overhead make this a simple and elegant solution to z/OS audit and security governance requirements for mainframe systems.

  • Configurable forwarding via syslog
  • Native RACF, ACF2, TSS Support
  • Real time SMF exit operation
  • Proprietary application log capture
  • Support for DB2 audit logging
  • Simple installation, small footprint

Data Engines also offer secure communications solutions for mainframes via the Tectia SSH suite which eliminates cleartext 3270 and FTP data transfers between mainframes and other clients. Encryption of network transmissions is a key component of PCI-DSS.