• VMware Intrinsic Security

    VMware has included security capabilities since inception but the recent acquisition of Carbon Black has provided the catalyst for the development of the Intrinsic Security approach; security that is built-in, unified, and context centric. Instrinsic Security is a fundamentally different approach to securing your business. It’s a strategy for leveraging your infrastructure and control points in new ways—in real time—across any app, cloud, or device so that you can shift from a reactive security posture to a position of strength.

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    Carbon Black Cloud

    Transform your security with cloud native endpoint protection that adapts to your needs.

    Legacy approaches to prevention leave organizations exposed. Cybercriminals constantly update tactics and obscure their actions within common tools and processes. You need an endpoint platform that helps you spot the minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and adapt prevention in response.

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    VMware Secure State

    Reduce risk and protect millions of cloud resources by remediating security violations and scaling best practices at cloud speed.

    Build a unified security monitoring approach for AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds to understand how a minor configuration change can elevate risk across all connected objects

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    NSX Service Defined Firewall

    Rely on a distributed, scale-out internal firewall that is built on NSX, to secure east-west traffic across multi-cloud environments.​

    Attackers are increasingly focused on finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network, making east-west traffic the new battleground. The VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall makes it difficult for malicious actors to stay in your network. Its distributed architecture, delivered in software, includes a full-stack, scale-out internal firewall and advanced threat prevention. This enables zero trust security for your software-defined data center that’s easy to deploy and automates policy, while reducing overall costs.

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    VMware's Approach to Security

    VMware's simple approach to handle the challenge of information security is centred around the Carbon Black Cloud.

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    MITRE ATT&CK Coverage with VMware Security

    By combining VMware Carbon Black's on host EDR capabilities with their NDR telemetry and control provides complete visibility into all MITRE ATT&CK tactics.