• 33% Better - Risk Based Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability is one third of the enterprise risk equation; as such it is deserving of some focus in any security program. Reduce your vulnerability exposure by following our risk based approach that blends core vulnerability scan data with contextual asset information to prioritise actions.

    Focus on remedial action

    Our approach to vulnerability management is focused on ensuring discovered vulnerabilities are treated via some action. A process of prioritisation based on risk scoring enables us to recommend and detail appropriate mitigation actions. These actions are intelligently grouped to reduce the overall workload in treating discovered vulnerabilities.

    Continuous visibility of assets

    Well integrated vulnerability scanning tools will enable continuous visibility into assets in the organisation, detecting and scanning new assets as they are introduced to the network.

    Comprehensive reporting

    It is important that as a security team communciations to executive management and asset owners is maintained. Budgetary support and trust based support is critical to closing vulnerabilities across an enterprise.